Modern and technologically advanced solution. Only a mobile phone is enough to register the members.

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Without initial investment within the monthly subscription

BeneFit web and mobile applications / Equipment / Implementation with training / Cloud resources / Technical support

Easy and simple

Start now / Check in faster than ever without a card and wallet / Use without prior knowledge / All kinds of reports

Promote and communicate

Group and individual communication with members / Nutrition and training programs / Promotion of discounts, novelties, and benefits

Network your business

Network your gym with other gyms, let the competition be a resource for new members / Manage everything from one application Connect groups of exercisers

Reliable and optimized

Monitors business and finances / Takes care of data security / Experiences from projects for large business systems have been applied

Integrate with access control

Integration of checking in and out with access control / Possible integration of video surveillance, burglary, and fire alarm systems

Boost your promotions